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Three Appetizers of Your Choice

Arencini – Crispy risotto balls with a mushroom & mozzarella filling

Classic Bruschetta – Cubed tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil

Pear Bruschetta – Pears in wine, goat cheese, silan (date honey) topped with chopped pistachio nuts

Gazpacho – Cold soup made with blended fresh tomatoes and roasted peppers, a touch of yoghurt and olive oil

Aperitif cocktail – Aperol, Campari, white wine, tonic and slice of fresh orange

Sangria – Mulled red wine, citrus fruits and apples


Three First Courses of Your Choice

Sirloin Carpaccio – Beef sirloin, rocket, capers, tomato seeds, reduced Balsamic vinegar, and shaved parmesan

Goat-Cheese Salad – Mixed baby greens, fruit in season, glazed nuts, and goat cheese

Caprese Salad – Mixed baby greens, cherry tomatoes, Bermuda onion, Kalamata olives, mozzarella   slices, and pesto

Baked Cauliflower – Cauliflower on tahini, accompanied by tomato seeds, garlic confit and fresh oregano

Fresh Pasta Tortellini – Beet and ricotta tortellini in sage butter, parmesan, with a chopped-rocket garnish

Fish Kebab – Fish kebab on a bed of tzatziki, chopped tomatoes and pickled lemons


Three Main Courses of Your Choice

Lasagna – Fresh pasta, spinach, assorted cheeses in Italian tomato sauce

Rotolo – Fresh pasta roulade, filled with mangold, leek, roasted squash, ricotta and parmesan in a subtle truffle and butter sauce

Sea Bass Fillet – Filleted Sea Bass, served on a bed of mangold, leek and spinach, a touch of yoghurt, raw tahini and pickled lemon

Beef and Lamb Kebab – Kebab made from choice meat accompanied by a baked tomato, glazed onion, tahini, sumac and parsley

Beef Stroganoff – Strips of beef fillet in a rich cream sauce of porcini and portobello mushrooms

Picanha slices – Slow-roasted picanha beef (7 hours), thinly sliced, accompanied by salsa verde

Three Hot Side Dishes of Your Choice

Potatoes – Baked baby potatoes flavored with parsley and garlic

Basmati Rice – Basmati rice with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Ratatouille – Peppers, zucchini, Bermuda onion, stir-fried in a Balsamic vinegar and garlic confit sauce

Green beans – Broached haricots verts, stir-fried in olive oil and garlic confit



Natural coconut muhallebi

Semi-sweet chocolate truffles

Fresh fruit in season


For the Children

Margherita Pizza – Pizza made from our house dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella

Pasta – Fresh pasta in mushroom-cream / tomato sauce

Mini-burger – Hamburger made from choice beef, served on a roll with a side of fries

Cost per diner: NIS 300

Cost for child, age 10: NIS 200

Cost per waiter: NIS 400 – one waiter per 10 diners

Does not include V.A.T.

Thank you for choosing Palogi, where people and food come first.